RAW is an idea of how and what casinos need to differentiate themselves in our highly competitive market. That’s why we deliver entertainment that stands out. And we want you to be a part of it.
We build games from the raw, using one part insane creativity and one part commercial sanity. Always designed with simplicity in mind, making our games easy to understand and play. By combining familiar elements with drastically different elements, we revitalize, renew and reinforce the gaming experience. Always based on behavioural insights and accumulated learnings. For example, we’re not just thinking outside the box, we’ve completely replaced it. Instead of a 3×5, we’ve got a friggin’ wheel.
Do you want to help us cause an earthquake in the gaming landscape?
RAW is looking for an experienced Game Mathematician to join one of the most exciting new gaming studios to appear in years….
RAW is looking for an experienced Account Manager to join at the start of one of the most exciting new gaming businesses to appear in years….

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and create something new and innovative?
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Square games are for squares.

Have a look at the kind of ground-breaking entertainment you will be part of creating.