RAW, a new innovative studio, takes a genuinely fresh look at things. Our 3 pillars; differentiation, simplicity and entertainment, drives us to look beyond the existing sea of sameness. Our pillars compel us to ask difficult questions of how to authentically innovate, achieve simpler products and find new approaches to entertain. 

The mantra, stand out or stand down, takes on new meaning as it forces us to look deeper into the data, feedback, our misses and our future triumphs. We are realistic and know it may not come day one, but through forcing ourselves to stand out with each execution we believe we will achieve something extraordinary, something unavoidable.

As 2021 comes to an end with a period of very hard work, profound thinking and comprehensive planning we look forward to soon unveiling our products to a much wider audience. Did we hit the mark, where did we miss and where will we learn to perform better. 

One thing is undeniable, we will stand out or we will stand down.


RAW, founded in March 2021 by well-known industry experts, is a completely new studio with a conviction to create entertainment that stands out. We develop innovative, easy-to-understand and boundary-pushing slot games, always based on behavioural insights and accumulated learnings. Our first games, as well as the patent-pending SuperSlice®, will be launched at the beginning of 2022 on leading gaming sites and apps across the globe.

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