RAW iGaming continues to stir up the industry as they challenge slot norms with the launch of the new patent-pending game engine SuperTracks®.

RAW iGaming is proud to introduce our new, patent pending, mechanic, SuperTracks®. A never before seen mechanic, easy to understand, looks amazing in a portrait mobile device and delivers a completely new experience that offers an almost mesmerising gameplay that you can’t stop playing. While it’s deceptively easy to play and feels more like an app than a Casino game, don’t let that fool you as it can deliver a treasure punch.

It’s no secret games have become more complex and don’t even take advantage of the full mobile screen, often attempting to present millions of ways to win in a little rectangle somewhere stuck three quarters of the way up the portrait device. Sometimes so small and complex it’s hard to follow the action, not to mention understanding if and how you won.

Enter our new patent pending SuperTracks® mechanic. We kept it simple and moved the symbols outside of the reels so it’s only a few items you have to follow. It couldn’t be easier, start the round, watch the game blocks cascade in the reel set and where an open track lines up to your symbol, your journey beings and you start making money along its track. The higher the symbol goes, the more multipliers you make. With each vertical movement the track multiplier increases while lockers and power-ups abound along your journey to enhance the fun. This is only the beginning of what SuperTracks® can provide in this new game format from RAW.

Tom Wood, Chief Executive Officer at RAW iGaming says “RAW continues it fight against industry monotony and delivers a completely new player experience with the SuperTracks engine. Games have become too complex and too similar and with our first game, SuperTracks Railways™ we once again simplify the game experience while delivering a truly innovative new mechanic that lives outside of the Sea of Sameness.”


Remember that toy train set you spent hours setting up and playing when you were young? Wouldn’t it be great if you could relive those glory days of building tracks but in a new gaming experience? Enter SuperTrack Railways™, the first game in the SuperTrack® series from RAW.

Enjoy railway fun as your trains journey across the tracks adding multipliers and power-ups for wins up to 3,190x in the base game and up to 20,000x your bet in the Free Spins. You never know how the tracks will lead your trains or how far they will travel.

SuperTrack Railways™ is live at many operators in regulated markets across Europe.


RAW, founded in March 2021 by well-known industry experts, is a complRAW, founded in March 2021 by well-known industry experts, is a completely new studio with a conviction to create entertainment that stands out. We develop innovative, easy-to-understand and boundary-pushing games, that exist outside of the commoditised world we call the Sea of Sameness. RAW is known for the patent pending SuperSlice® games and the new patent-pending mechanic, SuperTracks®, to be launched in November 2022.For more information, go to www.linkedin.com/company/raw-igaming

Patent Serial No: 63/427,744

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