11 November 2022: RAW iGaming, creator of the ground-breaking SuperSlice® engine, has purchased the full asset portfolio of Spigo from Lady Luck Games AB.

This includes casual games, customers and platform, opening the door for RAW to expand into another commoditised gaming space.

RAW iGaming’s CEO, Tom Wood, said: “This is another step in our company’s evolution to provide premium products to every channel of the gaming industry.”

“Just as in the commoditisation of slot games, within the casual games space we see the same never-ending sea of sameness. Through the RAW team’s innovative game design and unique creativity, we hope to change that just as we are doing in the slots market.”

It is RAW’s vision to create innovative games that combat industry monotony and bring new ideas and gameplay to the market. The commoditisation of games extends to more categories than just slots, and this is a natural step in RAW’s evolution.

Spigo develops premium casual games, such as Yatzy, Backgammon, Solitaire, Match 3 and softer slot games as well as bespoke solutions in this category, for tier-one operators.

Tom continued: “I look forward to seeing what the amazing RAW team can create and how we can evolve the casual game market together over the coming years.”

About RAW iGaming:

RAW, founded in March 2021 by well-known industry experts, is a complRAW, founded in March 2021 by well-known industry experts, is a completely new studio with a conviction to create entertainment that stands out. We develop innovative, easy-to-understand and boundary-pushing games, that exist outside of the commoditised world we call the Sea of Sameness. RAW is known for the patent pending SuperSlice® games and the new patent-pending mechanic, SuperTracks®, to be launched in November 2022.

For more information, go to www.linkedin.com/company/raw-igaming

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