RAW iGaming is excited to unveil its latest creation, Forge of HephaestusTM, a video slot game that brilliantly combines the thrill of gaming with the mystique of ancient mythology. Since its initial reveal on our roadmap, Forge of HephaestusTM has quickly become one of our most anticipated releases, showcasing our studio’s commitment to levelling up the online slot experience with groundbreaking features and captivating narratives.

Forge of HephaestusTM is the natural heir to our popular game, “Flames of HephaestusTM“. It invites players into the legendary forge of the Greek god Hephaestus, located within the palatial expanses of Olympus and the volcanic terrains of Lemnos in the Aegean Sea.

This is a high volatility, ways-paying game that introduces special fireball symbols that stick for at least three paid spins, and which become super-heated when Hephaestus adds reel multipliers and when his hammer symbol lands to trigger the SuperStretchTM mechanic to expand the reels. The game’s “hold & respin” bonus feature is played on an expanded 10-row panel, promises white hot big wins with its accumulating multipliers and delivers a player experience that stands as a tribute to the god of fire, metalworking, and craftsmanship.

Features That Forge Legends

  • Fireball collection: These get collected and paid when they fill an entire reel, then plunge downward into Hephaestus’s fiery forge.

  • SuperStretch and Hephaestus Multipliers: The god’s hammer symbol expands reels and he also appears on the panel to smackdown multipliers to them, turning ordinary wins into divine payouts.

  • Bonus Fireball Hold And Respin: Played on three levels. Unlock all three to collect fireballs and multipliers on all 10 rows to create volcanic big wins.

Designed for the Gods, Available to All

Kevin Corti, Head of Game Design at RAW iGaming, shared his enthusiasm: “With Forge of HephaestusTM, we’ve delved deep into the heart of Greek mythology to bring players a game that’s not just about winning but about experiencing the power and creativity of Hephaestus himself. It’s a game that honours the traditions of craftsmanship, innovation and hard work – values that go the core of our own business.”


Forge of HephaestusTM will see a network release on 7th March 2024 in all of our usual markets.

About RAW iGaming

RAW iGaming stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the online casino industry. By pushing the boundaries of gaming mechanics and thematic storytelling, RAW iGaming continues to offer players unique and unforgettable gaming experiences. With a focus on gameplay, simplicity, product innovation, and player satisfaction, RAW iGaming is dedicated to redefining the online gaming landscape.

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