Clusterspin® is an innovative side bet that allows players to wager on whether they will win or lose over a set number of game rounds

19 January 2022 – RAW iGaming, a new cutting-edge slot developer who considers itself the pink shark in the sea of sameness, has debuted the first in a series of “Add-ons” that provide a completely new way of enriching the player experience.

RAW iGaming is disrupting the industry with its SuperSlice® game engine which uses wheels instead of reels to provide an entirely new format of casino gameplay. Add-ons, which include Clusterspin® and Bonus Rush™, make game play even more exciting and dynamic.

Clusterspin® allows players to become fortunate losers or even bigger winners. It is a side bet game that lets players wager on whether they will win or lose over a chosen pack of game rounds – 5, 10, 15 or 20. The player then selects their side bet and whether the round will be a winning or losing one, easing a bad round but increasing excitement on a good round.

Bonus Rush™ is RAW’s take on the popular feature buy that has been trending for last few years and let’s players choose a feature and level, set their desired bet and then jump straight into the bonus action. 

Clusterspin® is available on RAW iGaming’s debut titles Wheels of Rock® and Journey to Chaos® – market regulations permitting while Bonus Rush™ is available on Journey to Chaos®.

The Add-ons as RAW calls it, is a nice complement and enhancement to the SuperSlice® engine, which delivers dynamic slices on any wheel design so that players never know how many slices will appear on the wheel or what each slice will contain. The slice could be empty, or it could contain a multiplier trigger, a high value symbol or even a bonus such as Free Spin or a Mini Game.

Tom Wood, Chief Executive at RAW iGaming, said: “Add-ons really complement and enhance player experience and in Clusterspin® we have a feature that is truly innovative and unique by allowing the player to play to win, even when they lose.

“RAW iGaming is all about challenging industry norms and to deliver new & innovative player experiences, and our Add-ons are designed to support that progression.”

About RAW iGaming:

RAW, founded in March 2021 by well-known industry experts, is a completely new studio with a conviction to create entertainment that stands out. We develop innovative, easy-to-understand and boundary-pushing slot games, always based on behavioural insights and accumulated learnings. Our first games, as well as the patent pending SuperSlice®, will be launched at the beginning of 2022 on leading gaming sites and apps across the globe. For more information, go to

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