The small town of Black Hills needs your help to save them from the dirty Jameson gang and their leader Gus Jameson. The town is willing to pay you up to 25,000x in gold, to save their good families. Are you ready?

The Good, The Bad & The SuperSlice™ uses RAW’s patent-pending SuperSlice® wheel, as well as the new SuperSlice® Split feature, offering up to a 20 times symbol split multiplier payout. With a new dual wheel with symbols on the front wheel and features on the back wheel, this game offers even more anticipation, not to mention the Buffalo Guaranteed Win Respins and an incredible shootout round where you cant defeat the Jameson gang, including their leader Gus Jameson, and take home upwards 25,000x your bet.

SuperSlice® Split

With the new SuperSlice® Split feature winning wheel symbols are split up to 20 times during the Buffalo Guaranteed Win Respin feature, multiplying the value of the winning symbol by the number of splits delivering up to an incredible 600x in the base game.

Buffalo Guaranteed Win Respins

If the Respin Gun is hit on the feature wheel, you run with the buffalos, and are awarded a guaranteed win respin. All losing symbols are removed (all symbols get a SuperSlice® Split golden band) and replaced with new symbols. A gun appears and shots the wheel with up to 5 shots, randomly upgrading the symbols on your wheel. A symbol can be upgraded more than once. The wheel respins, a symbols is chosen and the SuperSlice® Split occurs, splitting the symbol and multiplying its value up to 20 times your bet.

Golden Coins

If a golden coin is hit in the feature wheel, the coin spins to randomly reveal a value between 1-10 which multiplies your bet times the value shown on the coin.

Jameson Gang Shootout

Hit the bonus bullet in the feature wheel, load your favourite 6+shooter and start the Jameson Gang Shootout feature awarding up to 25,000x your bet. The Jamesons have attacked the town and you as Sheriff must save the town. Pick one of the Jameson Gang members, spin the bullet cylinder and take a shot. If you hit one of the Jamesons you have the chance of multiplying the bullet value up to 5x or win a new bullet. Hitting an empty bullet chamber in the gun gets you shot and wounded. Get hit three times and you lose the shootout, ending your bonus round.

Successfully shooting all of the Jameson Gang members or all of the bullets in your gun triggers the Gus Jameson showdown. Gus appears on the street for the high noon face off, your gun reloads with only high value bullets, ranging from 40x to 5,000x and you get one shot to take the boss down or be shot yourself. Hit Gus and multiply your win by up to 5x and get your chance at a 25,000x your bet win.

Bonus Rush® & Clusterspin®

This game includes both of RAW’s add-ons, Bonus Rush® & Clusterspin®. Bonus Rush® allows players to jump straight into the action. This game includes a Free Spin round that isnt available in the base game, giving you three Bonus Rush® options with, 10 Free Spins, the Jameson Gang Shootout or the Jameson Gang Shootout with a guaranteed shot at Gus Jameson. Clusterspin® which gives you the chance of placing a bet on whether your session will be a winning or losing one, can earn you extra cash, up to 1,000x extra!

Multiple RTPS

As an operator you can choose the game RTP that fits your site and players and market best with a choice of 90.00%, 94.56% or 95.56%. The Good, The Bad & The SuperSlice is rated as a RAW Power game with life changing volatility.

Tom Wood, CEO for RAW, said: “The Good, The Bad & The SuperSlice takes the SuperSlice® mechanic to a completely new level as well as introduces the new split feature. The dual wheel action offers more anticipation, the Buffalo Guaranteed Win Respin offers massive wins in the base game and if you are a good enough shot, you can take down Gus Jameson and win up to 25,000x your bet. With each new SuperSlice® game we are getting better and better at understanding how to make this patent-pending game mechanic more entertaining and more rewarding for our operators and their players.”

The Good, The Bad & The SuperSlice® is available on all channels from the 25th of August, 2022.

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